About our Products

Say It Gear offers many different styles of sport socks, athletic socks, street wear socks and arm sleeves from youth sizes to adult. All of our socks have a different variety of blends using nylon, acrylic, cotton and lycra. The sleeves are a blend of nylon and acrylic and our socks and sleeves are not preshrunk and will shrink up to 20% after the first wash.

All of our Say It Gear socks and sleeves have expressive or sport “lingo” words. These words have been placed on each pair which can allow you to show your unique and individual style.

The athletic sock style is a crew or mid calf height and was designed for daily use during any sporting activity. The sock has a cushioned foot and some styles may have an arch support and mesh top which will be noted in the sock description. These are the perfect socks for whatever your active day may bring.

The performance sock style is for a specific sport. We offer a skate sock which is perfect for the hockey or roller hockey player to wear under their skate. This sock will have an arch and ankle support as well a mesh top and light cushion bottom keeping it thin for the tight skate fit. This sock will sit under the knee to protect your leg from equipment. The nylon fiber in this sock is a hard wearing fiber. It is strong, keeps its shape and great for a skate sock that gets plenty of use. We also offer custom baseball, football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball socks and any other sport you may need. Please visit our custom sock page for more information.

The street sock style is a fashionable daily sock. It is a thinner flat knit and is perfect for the casual dresser. The crew or mid calf sock will make a statement with bold colors and patterns and is thin to wear with your casual shoes.

The ankle sock style is a thinner flat knit and can be worn for casual, golf or sports. It is ankle high just above the shoe.

The arm sleeves are a thinner flat knit that are easy on and easy off.  They fit from wrist to above elbow and shoulder. They can be customized for  for school spirit wear, fundraisers, and sport teams.  These are also a great marketing tool for the medical industry to distribute to nurses and patients.

We hope you enjoy the comfort and style of our Say It Gear socks and sleeves. We strive for excellence in every product. Watch for new styles and designs as our creative minds are always working!

About our Company

Say It Gear, which was formally Just Me Socks, is a company that was developed to allow people to express themselves through comfortable, vibrant and unique designs on their feet and arms every day. Each pair of athletic, sport, street socks, and sleeves are created and designed by the Say IT Gear team and have an expressive word located in a unique area of every sock or sleeve. The company’s home base is in Michigan along with the factory they work closely with. All Sa It Gear products are proudly made in the USA with the hopes that people all over the country will wear Say It Gear during any occasion of every day.

Juliet and Justine


The creative minds of Justine Vetor and Juliet Penn reside in Michigan and met while dropping off their now 12 year old sons on their first day of preschool in 2004. Over the years they established a friendship and what is now a partnership. Justine, mother of four, and Juliet, a mother of two, are stay at home moms and have always had a passion to start their own business. Once the kids were in school full time it gave them the opportunity to start focusing on their dreams and interests. After years of ideas and the support of their husbands and kids Say It Gear came to life.

While sitting in an airport on a 5 hour delay Justine and Juliet talked about different sock ideas and how their kids as well as their husbands like socks that are vibrant and fun. The light bulb moment happened….this is it….this is the long awaited business idea…SOCKS! Justine and Juliet knew that they wanted their product to be made in the USA and once they returned home the long process to find the right knitting factory started. After the tedious search it happened and not only was the factory in the USA they were also in Michigan! Right away Justine and Juliet started designing their line of sport socks, athletic socks, and street socks. The best part is they were able to involve their children in the design process. After some trial and error they have designed their way to an expressive, colorful and comfortable sock for any age. They continue to design and create new products to add to the selection of the Say It Gear line.

“This has been such a fulfilling experience. Through this business I get to use my creative mind and feel proud of what I have accomplished. The support of my husband, two boys and family has been so overwhelming and I am truly blessed. I am excited for the road ahead with Say it Gear and I couldn’t have done it with a better partner. Thanks Justine!”
-Julie Penn-

“First I want to start with saying that Julie is the best and I couldn’t have done it without her….Thanks partner! I have always dreamed of owning my own business and being able to share it with my husband and children. I am looking forward to what the future holds.”
-Justine Vetor-